Skate Hop and Long Glides Uphill for Fitness and Technique

Not every ski needs to be a workout. Not every drill needs to tax you!


Quick, short, focused exercises and drills can strengthen neural connections in your brain and your body, resulting in better economy, better efficiency and better technique.

Speed is much more neurological than it is physical. 

Think of fast, quick drills that require rapid turnover as drills for your brain and body. These drills test how fast your brain can fire, and how precisely your body responds.

However, you don't need major doses of speed practice to get better. Instead, quick, focused bursts sprinkled throughout a ski or a run or any activity will expand and improve your neural wiring.

That is precisely the focus of this quick video tip.

The video explains that you should practice two extreme tactics for skate skiing uphill.

Quick, hopping steps uphill with very short glides.


Long, slow, ultra glidey steps uphill.

Practice extremes to master the fundamentals!

The speed will strengthen the pathways from your brain to your body, while the slow, long glides teach your body how to maintain efficiencies while moving at ultra slow speeds.