One Drill That Will Help You Kick Like a Mule!

I've taught this drill many times, at many different areas, to many different skiers. They hate it!

Why? Because this isn't a drill that you "get" the first time. Instead, you must practice and practice this drill, mastering and refining your timing, balance and glide, until, after many reps, you blend the principles of the drill into actual classic diagonal stride.

Patience is Half of Valor

Just getting the drill right takes time and patience, affording many skiers frustration and heartache. When I introduce this drill in a typical clinic format, there isn't enough time to learn, practice and develop mastery. Consequently, the drill often creates frustration.

Getting the drill right is NOT enough. Extracting the subtlety from this drill, translating the drill into your technique, requires that YOU understand the progression of learning.

The Progression is Simple, But Difficult

"Drill the drill. Drill the skill. Ski the skill."

Drill The Drill

First, give yourself time to learn the drill. Your reptile, slow learning brain will first focus on just the drill. With all resources and attention on the drill, your big brain will find it difficult, most often missing the movements and skill you're trying to assimilate.

Give yourself time to just learn the drill until you don't have to think about it.

Drill The Skill

Next, after developing some mastery with the drill, your reptile brain doesn't work as hard, leaving attention and energy for your BIG brain to focus on the subtle skill the drill work is isolating.

Focus on that subtle skill work. Don't drill the drill for the sake of the drill. Drill the drill for the sake of the skill. Drill the skill!

Ski The Skill

Finally, once you've built some neurologic pathways, take the highlighted skill into real skiing. Duplicate what you've learned and apply it in real time.

So What's the One Drill that Will Help You Kick Like a Mule?


Yes, just like it sounds. Skip on classic skis. Watch the video to learn how.

In this video, David Lawrence describes and shows you a unique drill for better grip and balance during classic nordic skiing (or diagonal stride). You can read more about this tip and watch other videos at