Double Poling: The How, What, Where and When

Double Polling, What It Is and How to Improve Your Double Pole Technique!

Double Polling - Overview

Watch the 3 primary skills of double poling and listen to how the 3 skills blend together to create strong, powerful, fast and efficient double pole technique for nordic/cross country polling

Topics covered in this cross country skiing double pole video:

  • 3 SKILLS USED for fast, efficient, powerful double polling
  • PUSH-OFF = high hands, 90 degree bend in elbows, hands about a foot away from your shoulders, engage both your upper-body and lower body during polling by flexing your abs, knees and ankles, follow through to compliment terrain and speed.
  • GLIDE = glide length determined by desired outcome, snow conditions, rate of turnover, terrain
  • WEIGHT TRANSFER = move up and forward by extending the upper and lower body.

Double Polling Drill

This video covers a quick double pole skiing progression to practice daily for five minutes before starting a ski.

Notes from the video:

  • Start double poling with NO follow through and NO to VERY LITTLE flexion in the abs and ankles. Instead, focus on high hands, pole placement and an upright body position.
  • Double pole adding flexion in the abs, ankles and knees when the poles hit the snow with very little pole follow through.
  • Next, add a full range of motion while double poling, starting in a high, fully extended body position, flexing the abs and ankles with full pole follow through. NOTE: DO THIS MOVEMENT AS SLOW AS YOU CAN!
  • Finally, add weight transfer, moving as far up and forward as you can.